Boot Sale Bargains – 27/2

Yesterday we headed over to a new local car boot sale which was walking distance from home. This was our first sale of the year and the gorgeous weather made it a really fun morning. My bargains were all for Pumpkin, here they are…

First off were these fab puzzles, all from one stall. I paid £4 for them and Pumpkin already loves the dinosaurs and the jungle animals. I’ll put the ELC box in the loft for a few months as its a bit advanced at the moment.

Next up was this set of 5 Wibbly Pig board books. Pumpkin likes to play with her books so much that she needs a constant new supply. She seems to like the illustrations in these – Mick Inkpen books are always a hit! £1.50 for 5.

We love these little board books which are just the right size for little hands. A set of Peppa Pig and a set of Thomas the Tank Engine for £2. Pumpkin read most of these in her pushchair as we walked around and they are always handy to keep in the change bag and in the car.

I noticed this set of play dough cutters as we were heading out. Not sure why I missed them the first time around! I paid £1 for a selection of cutters in this tub. Can’t wait to get the play dough going later in the year and play with these .

So that was my bargains for the day! I’m scoping out some local car boot sales with the aim to sell at one soon 🙂

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