Our forever home

This summer we moved house. In fact we moved towns too. We had a stressful house sale, full of crisis and tension and wondering if it would ever happen. We moved all our belongings into a storage place for a month, and then we went to stay with family for 3 weeks until we could purchase our new house. We were so lucky to have that option, a couple of spare rooms at my in-laws house for 3 weeks. It worked really well. But the whole thing was stressful.

So maybe thats why it feels so amazing to be here now, in our (dare I say it?) forever home. Well at least our next 20 years home (thats almost forever, right?).

We’ve only been here for 3 weeks, but already it feels like home. We have space, lots of space. And a garden to explore. And views, I’ve never had a view before! And a bustling High Street just 10 minutes walk away. A whole new town to explore and get to know, and get involved with.

My aim for the next couple of weeks is to get out and meet people. Find out what our community has to offer, and get involved! Wish me luck!

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2 thoughts on “Our forever home

  1. I’m so excited for you! That sounds absolutely amazing.

    Hubby and I are desperate to buy our first home. But as first time buyers how far our pennies can stretch is a big deal. We’re ready to start a family too, so we need somewhere big enough that is in a place that we can afford when one of us needs to stay at home.

    We’re a way off our Big Move (we’ve not even started looking), but I hope that when we find our first (and hopefully last) home, we’re just as happy as you are.

    • Hi Claire,
      Keep saving hard and you’ll get there. A few years ago I would never have believed we would have ended up here! It takes a lot of saving and sacrifices, and maybe a little luck too but its worth it when you get there! Just heading over to have a look at your blog now šŸ™‚
      Jo x

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