Munchkin Click Lock Cup Review

I seem to go through cups for Pumpkin at an alarming speed! We have probably tried most of those on the market on our quest for the perfect cup. It needs to combine good styling (she doesn’t want anything that looks like its for a baby!) with a good size and most importantly IT MUST NOT SPILL!

The number of supposedly non-spill cups on the market which have been relegated to the abandoned cup shelf after I fish soggy clothes, nappies and snacks from the change bag is amazing! All that money wasted 🙁

So when we were contacted by Munchkin to try their new Click Lock range of cups we were delighted to try them.

Sometimes things in life just click and this is never more true than with the brand new Click Lock™ Cup range from Munchkin! With over 20 years experience, Munchkin, the award-winning international baby brand, is thrilled to launch the brand new Click Lock™ cup range, one of the most innovative and exciting range of cups parents will find on the market today. The Click Lock™ range features ‘click’ to lock technology providing a 100% leak proof guarantee, so drop, throw or tip upside down, no liquid will come out and this is 100% guaranteed.

The cups could not be simpler to use, simply turn the lid until it ‘clicks’ in to place providing parents with an auditory reassurance that the cup is completely sealed. What’s more, the range, just like all Munchkin products, is fun, vibrant and practical, making parents lives that little bit easier .The Click Lock™ cup range starts at £3.99 and for more information log on to

Parents worldwide are choosing Munchkin products because they really do excite and delight, making life easier for today’s busy parents, and having sold over 55 million cups worldwide to date Munchkin know what makes a good cup!

Munchkin asked Mum what she looks for in a cup before designing the new Click Lock™ range and found that…

« 61% of mums surveyed admitted they could find improvements to their current cups, with non-spill and leak-proof being the most important features when looking for a cup. A staggering 92% of parents said they want a brand that offers innovative features. With Click Lock™ you simply twist and click the lid locked and it fully secures the cup to ensure a complete seal so no leakages can happen.

« Munchkin knows how important the spout design is when designing a cup, and 68% of mums said they need to buy more than one cup before they find one their child likes. The Click Lock™ spouts and straws are made from soft BPA free silicone, providing an easy flow of liquid

« Mums told us that the cup must be easy to hold, helping their child gain independence. The Click Lock™ range is lightweight and incorporates a very narrow waist, making them perfect for tiny hands.

« In the Munchkin survey 37% of mums admitted how much a cup costs was a key point for them. The Munchkin Click Lock range compares favorably to many of the leading brands on the market and starts from £3.99.

We were sent an Insulated Flip Straw cup to try. Firstly I liked the size. Perfect for a day out but not as big as some other insulated cups we have tried which are so bulky they don’t fit in the slots in my change bag! We filled it with water and let her have a go!

She got on really well with this cup. She likes to drink from a straw anyway so this was nothing new to her and she seemed to get to grips with it easily. We took the cup with us on a day trip to Lyme Regis today and it bounced around in the change bag and the bottom of the pushchair quite happily with no spillage thanks to the Click Lock lid. Simply turn the lid until you hear the click and you know that the cup will be completely leak proof. It was actually quite warm in the sun today (I know thats hard to believe!) but the water in the cup stayed nice and cool, while my bottle of mineral water had started to warm up.

All in all we love this cup and its fast becoming one of our favourites! For more information on Munchkin Click Lock visit

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