Bump Watch – the first 12 weeks

I suspected I was pregnant towards the end of January, when I was just 4/5 weeks but waited another 10 days before I took the test. I was certain that it would be +ve though, as I had all the symptoms I’d had previously. Sore breasts, a queasy feeling, tiredness and a funny metallic taste in my mouth (not really sure what that one is about but I’ve had it for all previous pregnancies!).

I called my GP surgery to request an appointment with the midwife, and to get a call back from my GP. After previous investigations into my recurrent miscarriages, he had told me he would refer me for an early ‘reassurance scan’ for my next pregnancy. He agreed to make the referral and 48 hours later I got a phone call with an appointment for when I was 8+5 (by dates).

When the day came, I was feeling very nervous. It wasn’t possible for hubby to come with me for the scan – he had to stay home with the 3 year old, so I went alone. I had tried to prepare myself for bad news but was feeling hopeful. As soon as I went in for the ultrasound I felt terrified but it only took seconds to find the baby and a strong heartbeat. I was so relieved. Although things could still go wrong this was a very good sign. The baby measured a couple of days ahead of my dates and was strong.

The next few weeks passed quickly as we are also busy planning a house move and there was lots going on. Before we knew it, Tuesday was here and it was scan day! Again the nerves hit. The scan was great and immediately we could see a very active, strong baby. What a relief! Our due date was brought forward 4 days to 24th September which meant I was 12+6 at the scan.

I plan to blog a bump watch every week or two through this pregnancy so that I have a record to look back on when the little one arrives :)

The Reason For My Silence…

I think of my blog as a place to share nice things. Days out, cute photos, fun activities we have tried and adventures of everyday life. So when life gets tricky, the urge to write stops. That has been the case on and off over the last 18 months, life got tricky and I didn’t feel I wanted to share the details. The truth is, that we were trying for a second child – and nature was fighting against us. We suffered from what my GP described as Recurrent Miscarriage. I may talk about it in more detail soon, but not today.

Because today we are celebrating. This week we went for a 12 week scan and are delighted to announce that we are expecting a baby in September!

So 2014 is shaping up to be a pretty big year, with a new baby and The Big Move. And I’m looking forward to blogging my way through it all!


All Change

Well it’s been forever since I last blogged here. I’ve had real writers block caused in the main by the fact that we had lots going on but I couldn’t make it public yet. My blog is no longer a place where I can write anonymously – real life friends and family read here and I would hate for them to discover something here that I hadn’t told them in real life.

So what’s been happening? Well 1st things 1st, 2013 was a terrible year for us personally. We suffered miscarriage after miscarriage and by the end of the year I was focused on coming to terms with the fact that a second child may not be a reality for us. I think I’m close to accepting that now. We aren’t giving up, and will likely have a couple more tries this year, but it’s important for my sanity that I don’t put too much pressure on this. If one child is what we are meant to have, we are blessed to have her already.

But the bigger news is something else entirely. Husband has been working away from home more and more over the last year and finally we have decided enough is enough. We have decided to move across the country to be closer to his work so he doesn’t need to stay away so much. We will be moving from Devon to Derbyshire and couldn’t be more excited! It’s a big move but the right time for us as we should be settled before we need to apply for a school place for L for Sep 2015.

We made the final decision over Christmas, then put our house on the market a couple of weeks ago. And yesterday we accepted an offer on it. Our buyers would like to move in April so that gives us just a few months left here. We spent the weekend in Derbyshire looking at houses, and yesterday had our offer accepted on a lovely house near a good school.

Everything is happening very quickly now, I just hope it all goes smoothly!

Only problem is now I need to think of a new blog name! Hmm any ideas?

Our Christmas Wishlist from Beebies Baby Store

Can you believe its only just over 2 weeks until Christmas? I certainly can’t! My Christmas shopping is going quite well. Just a couple of awkward people left to finish off (everyone has a couple of those don’t they?). I’ve been doing a lot of shopping with smaller shops this Christmas, whether locally, on Facebook or online. One store that I have recently found is Beebies Baby Store. Ami from Beebies has asked bloggers to put together their Christmas Wishlist from her website and one lucky winner will win the contents of their list. I was spoiled for choice, so here is what I chose…


This gorgeous High Chair (£49.99) would be a huge hit with L this year. I love the styling and it would look gorgeous in our playroom. I can see hours of fun feeding dolly in this.


We have some lovely play food, but this Icecream Sundae Set (£26.99) is something a bit different. Its also L’s favourite food so would definitely become a favourite!

rainy dayI’ve seen these Rainy Day Boxes (£13.48) before and they seem like a great idea. I’d hide this away and pull it out when we needed some entertainment on a wet day.


These Chunky Paint Pens (£3.99) are great for helping little hands to be creative. These would make a fun winter activity with a little less mess than paint and brushes.

As you can see, we found lots of ideas on the Beebies website :) Why not pop over and have a look?

Disclosure: This post in my entry into the Beebies Baby Store Win Your Wishlist Competition


Bonfire Night…. not for me!

Today,  is Bonfire Night but I have to be honest, we haven’t really done anything to celebrate this year. Hubby is away working, the local display got postponed until next weekend due to high winds, and both L and I have been ill for a couple of days!

I don’t really think of Bonfire Night as a great time for toddlers. But maybe I’m missing a trick? To be honest, the combination of cold (and often wet) weather, being out after dark and loud noises isn’t really something that appeals with a 2 (I mean 3) year old! I guess if we had been feeling fine we would have tried some crafts or cooking (I like the idea of pretzel sparklers!) but not this time.

We have tried to take L to see fireworks once before. Some friends were having some at home just after L had turned 1, and there were about 6 other families with little ones the same age. We had all brought some fireworks with us, but at the start our friends had lit some that they had left over from a big display they were having at work. They were really enormous professional type fireworks and went off with such a loud bang that the children were instantly terrified and all crying and screaming! So the evening continued with the men outside watching fireworks, and the mums indoors calming the children! Maybe thats why I’m in no rush to repeat it….


Poorly Birthday Girl

The busy week seems to have caught up with L and she is poorly tonight. After the excitement of family being here all week and her Birthday on Friday she’s really not herself today. Which is a real shame as today was her Birthday Party!

It was a great day but now that its over I’m exhausted and off for an early night! The kids all enjoyed themselves and that’s the main thing! We hired a hall and a bouncy castle, and had crafty bits, play dough, toys and pass the parcel! And enough party food to fill 16 toddlers :)

She had fun but was really tired and crashed as soon as we got home. She has a sore throat and is off her food too which is not like her!

So off to bed now and a quiet couple of days planned for us all!


As its half term my sister and her family have been visiting from Kent. It’s a long way from Devon so we don’t get to see them as often as we would like. L is completely in love with her eldest cousin and won’t let her out of her sight! It’s very sweet.


This is my favourite picture from this week :) L will miss her hugely when they have to go home tomorrow…

3rd Birthday Celebrations

It’s amazing to me that I am now Mummy to a 3 year old! Where did the time go? We’ve had a fabulous day today and the birthday girl has had loads of fun!

As its half term we have had my sister and her family staying with us, and my parents have come down to visit too. So this morning we went to the Donkey Santuary at Sidmouth for a few hours. It was a bit wet so we had to keep popping into the barns to keep dry, but we still had a great time. They had a Halloween treasure hunt running so we were in search of wooden pumpkins so we could write down the 10 names. We managed 9 pretty easily but then had lots of trouble finding number 10! When we had finished we took our answers to the shop to exchange for a certificate, magnet, badge and packet of carrot seeds! The kids loved it!

We also had a yummy lunch at the Donkey Sanctuary before heading back home for more presents.

All the family came over for a tea party and L had a Peppa Pig cake which she loved! Her presents included a new big girl bed (a proper single) and bedding which she absolutely loved! She’s fast asleep in it now at the end of a busy day!

Forest Fun with Yeo Valley and the Woodland Trust

A couple of weeks ago we were invited down to Yeo Valley in Somerset for a fun woodland day to learn more about Yeo Valley and their collaboration with the Woodland Trust.

Together, they are offering shoppers the chance to win your own Woodland Trust tree through its organic yeogurt range. Trees can be either donated to a friend or a good cause, or even entrusted to the Woodland Trust to plant on your behalf.

I was very excited to finally get to visit Yeo Valley as I had heard so many great things about their farm, and had been working with them for a while! I also knew there would be lots of other local bloggers in attendance and I was looking forward to meeting them!Bloggers at Yeo Valley

We were welcomed in true Yeo Valley style with tea and biscuits for the mums and yummy fruit smoothies made with Yeo Valley yogurt for the children. We had a chance to chat and meet people before jumping on a bus and heading down to the farm for our Woodland Adventure day!P1050056The days activities were great fun and had us out exploring the stunning countryside around Yeo Valley.  We did leaf spotting, bug identification, fairy wand making and mini den building. leaf spottingWe also had the benefit of the team from Yeo Valley who were full of knowledge. Here is Les teaching the children about the history of the valley and its wildlife. He was great with the children and they really learnt a lot. Learning from LesL’s favourite activity was definitely the wand making and she is very proud of what she made! We also learnt about the Woodland Trust and L was given her very own Nature Detectives membership so we can enjoy more fun in our local woods looking for wildlife! Wand Making at Yeo Valley

We want to say a huge thank you to Yeo Valley and the Woodland Trust for inviting us to spend the day with them.

Disclosure: We were invited for a lovely day out, expenses were paid and we were given a lovely goodie bag of yogurt and Woodland Trust bits for L. I was not paid for  this post

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