CBeebies The Album – Review

Pumpkin has just turned two, and one of her latest things is dancing. She loves to dance around to the radio, songs on the adverts, and to the theme tunes from her favourite TV shows. Music is also a great way to keep her entertained in the car, and she likes to sing along (translated into babble!) which is great when we are in the car.

We have a few CDs of nursery rhymes and kids tunes but to be honest they are all really irritating and I can’t stand listening to them! So when we were offered a chance to review the new CBeebies Album I couldn’t wait to play it for her.

We really enjoyed this album. The 2CD collection has 50 tracks from all the favourite CBeebies shows. Its great as they are all familiar to Pumpkin, and Mummy knows all the words too! The album is available from all the usual places and would be a perfect Christmas present for your little person!

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of the CBeebies album to review. 

Justin Fletcher – Hands Up… The Album Review

I don’t think anyone with a child under the age of 5 can possibly not know who Justin Fletcher is. For us and many other families he is a near daily fixture of our  CBeeebies viewing. Something Special is a firm favourite in this house and we also love Gigglebiz and Justin’s House too.

Well now Justin is releasing an album! The CD contains 20 tracks, a mixture of popular classics and a couple of brand new songs. Our favourites included Music Man, Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes, and the final track, the lovely soothing Justin’s Lullaby.

Pumpkin loved listening to this CD and even had a little dance. I’m not sure if she recognised the songs as they sounded much more lively sung by Justin than they do when we sing them at home or at toddler group, but she enjoyed it anyway!

I will be keeping this CD in the car as we have found singing is a great way to keep her entertained on car journeys.

Hands Up… The Album is available from 5th March.

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